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Our middle high range of watches is aimed at a certain category of people – those who want to make a statement and are careful about every detail.

As you explore our wide range of products, you will notice elegance is the definitive element here. Each watch aims to make a statement in one way or another.

Elegance is often associated with simplicity, so many of the watches in this category will feature a single dial and indicators instead of numbers.

However, should you look for something more spectacular, we also have more diversified watches with different patterns on the dial, as well as more sub-dials or perhaps some crystals.

Most watches in this range come with metallic or leather straps. Both options are elegant and designed with quality in mind, but also adjustable if they are too long.

The quartz movement will ensure highly accurate timekeeping. Many watches are based on Japanese quartz movement, which is world renowned for its quality.

No matter what brand or model you pick, we guarantee you will be impressed with the exquisite craftsmanship and high-quality standards. Our watches are built to last and ensure great timekeeping.

Despite the affordable price, you will notice that each watch has a deep sense of luxury and looks more expensive than it is – we hunt value for money in our selections.

Simple colors are classic, but there are also a few vibrant alternatives. At the end of the day, your outfit and style should point you in the right direction when it comes to the actual design.

Keep an eye on this popular category. While some watches are sold out already, we aim to bring in new releases on a regular basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the watches you sell 100% authentic?

Absolutely. We are an authorized dealer, and we sell watches with manufacturer warranties in place. All watches are 100% authentic, but also brand new and never worn – we do not commercialize second hand watches. They are also sent in the original manufacturer's packaging.

How do I know if a watch is battery operated or mechanical?

We encourage our customers to go through all the specs associated with a watch. While the design is the first thing you notice, we encourage you to go through the list and understand what each spec actually means. We also mention the movement type in the list of specs.

How does my watch work?

Changing settings, adjusting time, or other things vary from one manufacturer to another – even from one watch to another. Your watch will come with a small booklet explaining everything you need to know about your watch, including how to make adjustments and change settings. Contact us for extra help.

My battery died, what should I do?

Most watch batteries last for more than two years. Unfortunately, batteries do malfunction sometimes. A prematurely dead cell is likely to cause such problems sooner than later. Any certified local watch repair store should be able to replace the battery for you.

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