Android Smartwatch - A Highlight of Android's Design Flexibility

Android Smartwatch - A Highlight of Android's Design Flexibility

The biggest advantage that Android devices have over iPhones is that it is a more open platform than Apple's iPhone. This is one of the reasons why Android Wearables, such as the Samsung Gear S and Motorola Moto 360, have gained so much momentum. The Gear S for example is especially popular because it allows users to access their Google+ account.

If you compare the two operating systems side by side, you will see that Android has a lot more advantages over iPhone users. For instance, Android devices run smoother than iPhones, which is a huge advantage if you use an iPhone often. You will also find that Android apps load faster than iPhone apps, while the iPhone's app loading speed remains the same. In addition, Android devices have a higher memory capacity and better battery life.

The ideal Apple Watch solution for Android users that simply stands out in the crowd is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, which manages to combine functionality with style. It provides the perfect combination of function and style which caters to a larger segment of smartphone users. However, if you really want your Android Wearables to stand out, you need to do some serious comparison shopping. There are tons of different Android Wearables available on the market right now. And since there is a new device every other week, the choice can be daunting. So, how do you know which device will work best for you?

Every smartwatch comes with its own companion application. This helps you manage all your phone's activities right from your wrist. However, it is important that your smartwatch matches up to your specific smartwatch model. Most manufactures such as Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, and other big brands have their own dedicated application store for their watches. However, Android Wearables have their own application store as well. You can opt for Google Android for smartwatch instead of the established giants like Sony Erickson and Samsung.

The Android Wearables feature a lot of the features that you might find in an iPhone or iPad. They include Google Now, Android Instant dialer, handwriting recognition, GPS access, voice dialing, and text-to-speech capabilities. Android Pay can also be integrated into the Android smartwatch to allow you to make payments with your Android phone. Android ecosystem also includes apps that help you manage your schedule, track your workouts, manage your contacts, find the nearest restaurant, etc.

A lot of Android Wearables come with a personal trainer functions which helps you to set a fitness goals and then keep track of your progress. This is very useful for those who don't have time to join a gym but still want to remain in shape. Another useful feature is workout detection. With the intelligent workout detection, the smartwatch will measure the intensity of your workout and display it as a percentage. For instance, if you run uphill for one hour, the watch will indicate your heart rate.

Siri is an artificial intelligence that helps you through most of the Android interface. In case you are having problems, there is an in-built help facility as well. Android interface makes it easy for users to access their favorite applications and play them instantly. However, most of the Android devices run on Gingerbread platform and since most of the apps are supported by the Gingerbread browser, it becomes quite difficult to use them on the latest android phones. Hence, the developers of such Android smartwatches have introduced a fork of the android operating system called Jellybean.

Android app support is also one of the major advantages of Android smartwatch. It offers almost all the functionality you can expect from a smart phone device. For example, you can access both your email and gmail accounts on the watch using the built in Google Maps application, which is supported on most of the high end Android devices. Android app support in the watch is yet another reason for its popularity among the young generation. Android app support not only provides real time information about weather, maps and modes of communication but also enables the user to track his fitness and workout history.

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